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Environmental Leadership

SerVantage has taken a leadership role within our industry to create effective, healthy and comprehensive green cleaning programs that not only meet Green Seal and Environmental Choice criteria but do it in a way that enhances the quality of the cleaning and the health of the buildings being cleaned. SerVantage Services has been certified to the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building criteria with Honors.

Environmental Strategy and Stewardship

SerVantage maintains a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. We are proud to be a market leader in sustainability initiatives. We are committed to educating our staff, implementing best green cleaning practices, and of course, purchasing environmental sensitive equipment and products.

Economically and Environmentally Sustainable.

We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact and help our client partners optimize their own green initiatives. Sustainability is not just good for the environment, it makes good business sense. Environmental responsibility is a value we all share and our client partners rely on us to help reduce the ecological impacts of their endeavors too. At SerVantage, we see the work of reducing our collective footprint as a team effort.

The “greening” of our enterprise – from facilities to customer service and hospitality – translates into greener operations for our partners. This entails that we have considered all areas of consumption: energy, water use, waste management/recycling, CO2 offsetting, and “greener” product use. Our sites are audited on a yearly basis to ensure they meet or exceed our company created standards.

Online sustainability audits are used to grade all our sites and to create a foundation in which all serviced properties will be using only certified green products and the companies we purchase from are committed stewards to (local) social and environmental causes.  By challenging our supply chains, we can assure our customers that SerVantage is a GREEN company that also understands how our partners can affect environmental impacts.

People Power: Each One a Steward

Our greatest resource at SerVantage is people; and so the core of our environmental program is training our employees to conserve and carefully use resources such as electricity and water. We believe that purchasing green cleaning products and equipment is a first step, but this must be complimented by sound operational procedures.

Facilities, hospitality and maintenance staff are also trained to know how to deal responsibly with waste and recycling, and understand that this is a core principle of our environmental stewardship program. Our employees’ conservationist mind-set translates into reduced operating costs for our client partners, giving them a competitive advantage. We are proud to offer a business edge that makes our efforts in environmental stewardship truly sustainable.

Environmental Considerations

Our sustainability strategies encompass good environmental governance providing responsible solutions, equipment and products integral to our community and customers environmental standards.

Adherence to government and regulatory standards achieved by company mandated programs provide environmental stewardship resulting in reduction of resource consumption, waste management, risk reduction, energy management, water conservation, occupational health & safety, Hazmat, and preservation of indoor air quality.

SerVantage Responsible Solutions is founded in several organizations acknowledged as Industry Leaders in environmental “Best Practices”, CIMS GB, BOMA Best (Go Green), Environmental Choice Program, and LEED-Green Seal. Adaptation of elements contained in each of the programs is selected on the basis of augmenting our customers peer corporate programs enhancing the building environment and compliance to Federal or local regulatory bodies.

We’re cognizant that SerVantage plays a key role at our customer’s facilities in supporting their environmental initiatives. Partnering with global equipment and product leaders assures we meet common objectives through innovation, safety, quality and performance coupled by proper applied cleaning practices.

SerVantage has an attention for detail with concerns such as storage and dilution of chemicals.  All our storage areas are secured, stocked in a safe manner, and have superior dilution mechanisms in place to mitigate the potential for injury or misuse. These areas are constantly audited by the site manager and all employees are trained to our safety standards.

Communication of our policies and programs to employees, explaining their accountabilities, setting targets and providing them with the tools to achieve objectives plays a key role in the success of Responsible Solutions.

We conduct periodic risk assessments of products and services, and perform audits of our work practices, facilities and use this information to determine priorities for action in the continuous improvement of our environmental stewardship, products and services.

SerVantage is COR certified and with our CIMS Green Building certification with honors we can help our clients with all their Environmental Initiatives.

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